Always Have Character Sheets

I am doing a studio update. I am on my last day of family leave and I reached my goal of drawing 8 pages for my webcomic. It is not colored but they are drawn. I am surprised that I was able to finish those 8 pages. I really did not believe I could do it based on how hard it was 5 years ago for me to continue drawing after I had my first child. I mean it is harder now with another baby but somehow, I made it to 8 pages. I am proud of myself.  

Part of the reason I was not sure I could do it this time was because I had thumbnailed the pages a year ago and I had not drawn anything for about 7 months. I blame 2020. All of 2020. Also, when I finally decided to draw, I forgot how to connect with drawing the characters. Luckily for me, I had created character sheets. The easiest thing to do was to spend a few hours total, for me that became a few days because I have a new baby and practice drawing the characters again.  

Thank the lord for those character sheets.  

Now, I get to do the fun part and color those pages. I love coloring this comic. I get to be highly creative with my color choices.  



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