Duplication with a Hive Mind

My superpower would be the power to duplicate myself. Not clones. Just me existing in multiple places on the same plane in time. Create copies of myself which act independently of each other while operating as an intelligent collective. Kind of like Dr. Manhattan

I have a lot of things I want to experiment with within my life, and everything has to be done linearly in time. Which means I never have time for everything. It would be great if I could be in multiple places at once.

I’m a working parent of small kids. I love my kids and enjoy my work. But I spend most of my time at work and barely any time with my children. It would be great if I could work enjoy the experiences of work while I get to be at home with my kids.

An added bonus of having duplicates is the opportunity to have a lot more hobbies. I can work on my comic book, make videos, and blog. Oh, the possibilities.



2 responses to “Duplication with a Hive Mind”

  1. The best thing about these prompts is seeing what other people choose and then going “damn, I should’ve picked that one.” A great read, I really enjoyed this.

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