1917 sketch of Schofield

I finally got around to watching 1917. A story about a soldier that has to cross enemy lines to deliver a message to save lives: the movie’s appeal is that it follows a continuous time path. It gives the sense that the movie is filmed in one long take by a single camera. Then it gives the feeling that you are in a dream, but in the case of this movie because it’s a war film, it’s like following a nightmare. It is a fantastic thriller and war movie that is just a masterpiece. I had fun doing a study of Schofield, one of the protagonist.

The story path is of the hero’s journey. I am a fan of symbolism and like how it is a full circle with the hero’s journey, which is why I chose to sketch the beginning and end scenes of the movie. I don’t know how to write without giving away spoilers, but if you get a chance, it’s an excellent film to watch.

I like to sketch in my tiny sketchbook. It is a Castelli pocket-size sketchbook that is branded by Webtoons. I got it at one of Webtoons creator events two years ago and I never really got around sketching in it. I had been focused on trying to draw using my mobile phone. I enjoy drawing and sketching on my phone, but it kills my battery. I’m trying to extend the life of my devices. So I’ve been slowly trying to go back to sketching on paper and drawing more on my desktop.

I made the sketch with blue color erase lead in a Kuru Toga mechanical pencil. I love how this mechanical pencil looks; it feels balanced in my hands. I was petrified inking this piece because the paper quality of this sketchbook is not suitable for ink. After working digitally, I am not used to making confident lines. I constantly undo my work to create the perfect line. Traditional inking is scary.

Sketching and inking are relaxing, but I know it will take some practice to get better at traditional inking. While I am not entirely satisfied with the result, I’m glad I took the chance to try and get better.



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