Finishing Projects Slowly

Trying something different


Hello, I want to discuss the importance of taking the time to finish projects. Many of us tend to rush through projects, trying to complete them as quickly as possible, but this can lead to a lack of attention to detail and which leads to lower quality end results. The benefits of taking your time include producing better work, feeling more fulfilled and accomplished, and avoiding the stress and anxiety that are associated with rushing. I’ve experienced the negatives of rushing through a project only to feel unmotivated halfway through.  So, moving forward, I’m going to start to learn how to create high-quality work by taking the time to finish projects.



3 responses to “Finishing Projects Slowly”

  1. I’ve both noticed and been annoyed by this recently. Just over the past month I’ve made an effort to take my time on everything. Not just projects, but the small everyday things too. I would always rush through the drudgery of mondain tasks just so I could get to something that I wanted to do more… then rush through that. It’s taken me almost 53 years to learn that I should not only stop and smell the roses, but take time to enjoy the scenery too.

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    • It’s good advice to try and do things slowly. Taking my time is something that I struggle with. I’m the impatient type that wants things yesterday. It’s been a journey to change that in at least once aspect of my daily life.

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