Exploring Sketches in short videos

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I’ve been giving social media another go to gain some exposure for my art. The dream would be for me to make some sales. I’ve been reading up on growth strategies and I’m going to try and execute them.

The focus for this month is to be consistent.  I’m doing an old challenge called #sketchtember in this challenge I believe you draw sketches or write a character sketch for September. In my case, I’m drawing sketches to stay consistent with posting.  

It’s not easy. I’ve started a TikTok and uninstalled TikTok from my phone about twice since the start of this month. Even in restricted mode it still shows me some disturbing videos after a few swipes. So I end up uninstalling it from my phone. I’m still on Instagram posting mostly reels. So far I haven’t gone into the disturbing side of Instagram (yet).

As of today, I’ve gain 8 followers on TikTok and 3 on Instagram. The sketches are easy content to feed into reels because I’m not too attached to them. They are designed to be disposable content with a very short lifespan of 24hrs.



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