I’m good at Spell checker

I’ll be honest, I don’t like my writing at all. Mostly because I never took the time to practice writing. I used to write a lot in college and a little bit after. For a time, I even had a writing journal. 

My paper journal for bloganuary 2022

Even with this bloganuary challenge, I wrote out the prompts in my personal journal because I was too scared to share my writing. Writing in my journal privately first helped with my confidence a little. It gave me an opportunity to practice privately and assemble my thoughts. I didn’t have the pressure to compose a final draft to be understood by everyone. I just had to make sure I understood my own writing. 

If I had to try and really find something now…I don’t know. I’ve gotten better at using a spell checker. My words as a cohesive unit might not make any sense, but at least they are all spelled correctly. 



2 responses to “I’m good at Spell checker”

  1. Journaling is always a great idea. I have found over the years though that sitting in front of the keyboard is the greatest prompt for me. It just gets me going! But jotting down some notes and thoughts ahead of time – especially if you think you might forget them! – is a good idea too.

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