My penmanship is the ugly

What is a treasure that has been lost? Penmanship, I have memories of learning how to write. I remember while learning how my teacher, who was a much older adult, would stress the importance of having good handwriting and penmanship because it meant so many things to them, from having a good job and getting a better impression. If you had to fill out a form, it was handwritten. Today I’m taken aback when I have to write information with pen and paper. I make mistakes and scratch out words. By the time I’m finished, it’s impossible to read what I’ve written.  I had long since given up on correcting my bad writing habits, but it felt like a lost treasure to know that had I put in more effort early on, I could have had fantastic penmanship.

This post was inspired by Bloganuary prompt What is a treasure that’s been lost?



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