I can’t wash my car, too many side quests

Washing my car is the most challenging chore. It’s a task that becomes a tremendous adventure in my mind, filled with side quests and perils.

Once I park my car and enter my home, my vehicle is out of sight and out of mind. The responsibility of keeping it clean does not exist.

Lately, the car has looked neglected. I felt bad and a little guilty because of my bad habit. Part of my struggle is that I live in a space where I can’t hand wash my car close to home. I need to drive it to a car wash station.

I think going to the car wash is insignificant. My car is a machine I use that enables me to be the breadwinner of my family and pick up my kids. 

I should do more when I return. I should schedule a shopping trip, pick up some supplies from the drugstore and add on many side quests. Once I’m done with my itinerary, I’m so overwhelmed. My guilt extinguished, and I’m back to pretending my car doesn’t exist.



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