• December Art Projects

    One of my comics
  • My ideal day

    My ideal day

    What does my ideal day look like?

    My perfect day is a weekend. I don’t have work or any other responsibilities, and I get to focus on my family, friends, and hobbies.

    I would wake up when the sun was rising. Stay in my bed until I get bored or hear my kids start moving about in the house. I’d make the perfect Pinterest-like breakfast. A fancy ensemble that I would finally have the time to cook.

    Check-in with my family and watch cartoons. Then I would sneak away to work on a creative project like drawing or building something. My perfect day must include time to be creative while I’m chatting with my friends.

    The day would end with a two or three-movie marathon. Or binge-watch a show from my following watch list.

  • I’m good at Spell checker

    I’m good at Spell checker

    I’ll be honest, I don’t like my writing at all. Mostly because I never took the time to practice writing. I used to write a lot in college and a little bit after. For a time, I even had a writing journal. 

    My paper journal for bloganuary 2022

    Even with this bloganuary challenge, I wrote out the prompts in my personal journal because I was too scared to share my writing. Writing in my journal privately first helped with my confidence a little. It gave me an opportunity to practice privately and assemble my thoughts. I didn’t have the pressure to compose a final draft to be understood by everyone. I just had to make sure I understood my own writing. 

    If I had to try and really find something now…I don’t know. I’ve gotten better at using a spell checker. My words as a cohesive unit might not make any sense, but at least they are all spelled correctly. 

  • Experimenting with Painting Digital Oils for Stress Relief

    It Started with just being Overwhelmed

    I wanted to express mine with feelings of fear and uncertainty. I sketched a woman unable to look away from the twisting vortex. It consumes all of her attention which is why she is facing away from the view. I feel like this very often. Trapped looking into the unknown and seeing the darkness in it.

    II sketched the drawing and walked away for a while. Thinking I was done processing my emotions for the sketching session. I went about my days as usual with my worries.

    Then I decided to sit down and try something different. I wanted a change. So I decided I would color this painting with a different mood. My mood was still really low. I didn’t want to fake it. I needed to color this in a way that incorporated optimism.

    At some point during the coloring process, my perspective changed into facing the adventure of the unknown by using the same symbolism. The vortex is a bright shining light of possibilities. I took inspiration from Afro-Futurism Art.

    Afterward, I felt slightly better.

    Digital Oils with Artrage on Samsung Galaxy Tap S7

  • Taking time to draw on paper