• NASA and the Skies

    NASA and the Skies

    How do I feel when I look at the stars?

    Well, light pollution makes seeing stars kind of difficult. Where I live, it’s primarily a dark empty sky. When I have spotted something, I’ve mistaken a planet and a satellite for a star.

    Also, I don’t have many memories of looking at the sky and seeing stars. It’s sad, but I don’t look up at the knight sky because I know I won’t see them up there. Most of my star gazing comes from NASA’s website and Instagram page, and I see these heavenly bodies through their lenses; the images captivate me because of the scale they imply.

    This is nebula is one of my favorites and I love that it gets regularly featured on NASA’s page.


    There is so much out there. And it’s beautiful.

  • My favorite part about myself is also my obsession

    My favorite part about myself is also my obsession

    My favorite thing about myself is my creativity.

    That’s all I have to say. Haha. But to be honest, I have complicated feelings regarding my level of creativity. Wow, This prompt feels like a question from a behavioral job interview that’s meant to throw you off into incoherent ramblings.

    Oh well, Let’s think about it as if it was a job interview question.

    My favorite part is my obsession with problem-solving and identifying processes and solutions to getting things done. The optimized outcome would allow me to focus my efforts on other areas as needed. Like being present and involved in the lives of people I live with, people like my family and friends.

    The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.

    I made this drawing today for fun and to relax.

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  • This Quote by Douglas Adams

    This Quote by Douglas Adams

    “The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas-covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.”

    — Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time

    I love this quote because Douglas Adams writes mainly in a sarcastic, agreeable, and ironic theme. In one section, he summarizes how lucky we are to be in existence while at the same time acknowledging how simple we are that we can normalize anything. I think of this quote whenever I’m ready to start an argument over frivolous topics that have no substantial value as a reminder that maybe I don’t need to feel strongly about this topic right now. And again, as a reminder to celebrate small little accomplishments.  

  • Steal Like An Artist Audiobook Review | Motivational, Creativity, and Career Advice

    Steal Like An Artist Audiobook Review | Motivational, Creativity, and Career Advice
    The Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy
    How to Be Creative, Show Your Work, and Keep Going
    By: Austin Kleon

    The Steal Like An Artist audiobooks is a great way to get your creative juices flowing again. The books include “Steal Like an Artist,” “Show Your Work” and “Keep Going” – all adapted into audio format with visual elements that make it easier for you while reading at home or on the go. A few years ago, I saw this hype around them but wanted to avoid being clouded by popular opinion, so I avoided taking advantage of their availability until now…I’m glad I did because they helped me when my career was stalling; they motivated creativity, which led to self-expression.

    The audiobooks are read by Austin Kleon himself and last around two hours combined. In “Steal Like an Artist,” Kleon talks about how to be creative no matter your chosen career or life path, open up my mind to other possibilities and other things that I could do.

    I feel like I’ve lost what it meant to be creative amongst the current expectations of fast and disposable content on the internet. I just pretty much can’t keep up at the expected pace. It is overwhelming. Secondly, I’m an artist, but that is not my day job. I am an engineer, and I am constantly at odds with both. I forgot why I even decided to pursue engineering as a career, and I needed something to read that was on the self-help and inspirational side. It helped me see a different perspective and reflect on my problem.

    However, the books gave me some things to think about; One of my favorite lines is creativity is just a tool.

     “Creativity can be used to organize your living room, paint a masterpiece or design a weapon of mass destruction.” Keep Going, Austin Kleon.

    And lastly, “titles can mess you up,” and I think that is where my problems lie. I often define what I’m going to do based on my title—often making the mistake of thinking that my reach is only as far as how I have limited myself. I didn’t realize how much I was restricting myself by just solely thinking in terms of just my title. I’ve been telling myself I’m mostly a comic artist or just a simple engineer with no overlap all this time. nI didn’t look at what it was doing to me creatively. I had it in my brain that I needed to switch modes from engineer to artist create. I didn’t see creativity fueling my learning to accomplish a project and use all my knowledge, experience, and learn. There have been multiple times when my artist brain could see the root cause of an engineering problem just by knowing when not to overanalyze. While my engineering creative side has forced me to consider learning and adapting new processes and techniques for an art project.

    That’s it’s essential not to limit my activities to titles. That’s what stood out to me the most. I recommend giving the audiobook a listen. Stay creating.

  • Duplication with a Hive Mind

    Duplication with a Hive Mind

    My superpower would be the power to duplicate myself. Not clones. Just me existing in multiple places on the same plane in time. Create copies of myself which act independently of each other while operating as an intelligent collective. Kind of like Dr. Manhattan

    I have a lot of things I want to experiment with within my life, and everything has to be done linearly in time. Which means I never have time for everything. It would be great if I could be in multiple places at once.

    I’m a working parent of small kids. I love my kids and enjoy my work. But I spend most of my time at work and barely any time with my children. It would be great if I could work enjoy the experiences of work while I get to be at home with my kids.

    An added bonus of having duplicates is the opportunity to have a lot more hobbies. I can work on my comic book, make videos, and blog. Oh, the possibilities.